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Pastor Sean Waters, a native of Goldsboro, North Carolina, has dedicated his life to the local church. Pastor Sean started preaching at the age of 15.  With over 20 years of ministry experience, he recognizes the necessity of servant leadership. Throughout his years of ministry, he has served in various capacities, including worship leader, youth and young adult leader and intercessory prayer leader. Pastor Sean graduated from North Carolina Central University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family Consumer Science, Early Childhood Development. He served in the United States Navy from 2012  to 2017. He is married to Ruth Waters. Together they have three beautiful children, Esther, David, and Brietyn.

Pastor Sean carries a special anointing to prophetically articulate the word of God in a way that brings restoration and transformation into the lives of those who listen. It is his desire to equip the body of Christ to fulfill their God-given identity through authentic relationships with one another as well as a true encounter with the Holy Spirit.


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OUR Story

"Our story has been a story of faith and resilience. In 2016 while living in Havelock, North Carolina our family prayed a simple prayer for God to reveal our next step outside of the military. It was after our pastor prayed for us that God spoke to us in a special way, instructing us that we were to transition out of the military and relocate to the Charlotte area to plant a church. Not only would we plant a church but this would be a 'New Healing Place.' A place that would bring men and women into a new experience with Christ. This experience would bring about complete healing and transformation.


At this time there was no indication of how this would play out. We did not have jobs, a place to stay, or family we could rely on that would pull us to the area. Despite all the factors that could hinder us from pursuing this word from the Lord, in January 2017, we loaded up our belongings and transitioned to Concord, North Carolina. While we understood we were called to plant a church in this area we also recognized that we must walk in the exact timing of God. It was in 2019 that the Lord spoke to our family that the time had come to begin the development of the church he desired for us to plant in our city. It has been through authentic relationship that we have been able to grow and develop with one another as the family of God. It will always be our goal to love Jesus and to love one another. It is through this principle that we may experience the full healing power of Jesus Christ."


I'm so exited to learn more about what brought you to NHP. I'd also love to pray for you. Let's connect.

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